There are many ways to book: online, personally, on the phone or in writing.

For the confirmation of the booking we ask a for 30% deposit in Euro to our credit number :
RH Kft., 2623 Kismaros, Szokolyai str. 83., Veresegyház és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet: 66000145-11095402.

The deposit is a warrant for both of us (guests and host), so please send it within a week after the booking.

The other part of the  renting fee must be payed in cash on site or you can pay online by credit card, paypal or SzÉP Card.



On the day of the arrival the guesthouse can be occupied from 2 pm. In order to get the keys please call the number +36-20-2973634 (between 9 and 19 hours) in advance one day before the arrival. If you arrive earlier and the guesthouse is vacant you are allowed to occupy the house in exchange for 5.000 HUF.



On the day of departure please leave the house until 11 am. If you would like to leave later and the house is vacant you can stay until 4 pm in exchange for 5000 HUF. If you leave after 4 pm you will have to pay a full day  price.



If you cancel your booking more than 30 days before your booked days, the whole deposit is repaid.

If you cancel your booking within 15-29 days  you will get back your deposit except one night fee.

If you cancel your booking within 0-14 days, we will pay back the deposit except 3 nights fee.

If you cut off your holiday, you will have to pay for the  already spent nights + 3 nights fee.


If you book only for one or two nights, obviously you don’t have to pay more if you cancel your booking or cut off your holiday.

If the guesthouse becomes non available, or in case of any changes which are not acceptable for the guests, we pay back the full deposit.  If you cancel the booking – and there is a chance – the guest can accept another occasion and in this case, their deposit will count in that booking.