1.  On the day of the arrival the guesthouse can be occupied from 2 pm. On the day of departure please leave the house until 11am. If you have any wish we are very flexible to solve it out. If you arrive earlier and the guesthouse is vacant you are allowed to move in in exchange for 5000 HUF. If you would like to leave later and the house is vacant you can stay until 4pm in exchange for 5000 HUF. If you leave after 4pm you will have to pay a full day price.
  2. When you leave the house you should give the house key to the owner. Of this time, please let us know in advance!
  3. If you leave the house earlier as you’ve booked we wont be able to give back any refund.
  4. Keeping animals is prohibited in the guesthouse (except individual agreement)!
  5. Any changing in the guesthouse should be discussed with the owner, and can be done with theirs agreement.
  6. If you loose the house keys, you have to let the owner know immediately and cover the repairing fees right at the scene.
  7. The owner doesn’t take responsibility of any damage by the guest if they behave appropriately according to the rules.
  8. If they don’t behave like that and they do any damages, they are liable to cover the repairing fees right at the scene. If there is any damage / failure  please report it immediately. We can not take a follow up claim.
  9. We can not take any responsibility of the guest values.
  10. It’s obligatory for all guests to follow the policies of the house, special early afternoon, and the evening and night silent rules. Noisy behavior, singing, playing music can not disturb the rest and the general taste of the local residents and other visitors!  Special between  10 pm and 7 am.
  11. The owner gives the key to the house to get in and out.
  12. The owner shows all the rooms which can be use and also inform the guest about the facilities.
  13. The price includes electricity, water, wifi, bedsheet and towels.
  14. Please keep the house tidy. When you leave the house please do not leave mess and dirty plates.
  15. The guest gets the house clean. During the says the guest responsibility to keep the house clean.
  16. To collect the rubbish, please use the kitchen bin. If it’s full you can empty it to the bin in the garden.
  17. The house house a kitchen with all kitchen accessories. We would like to ask you to look after the kitchen. Do not put any metal to the microwave. When you don’t use the hot plate, please  do not live it under power.
  18. Please pay special attention to protecting the nature and the animals! Please don’t littering, collect the cigarette-stub and the ash!
  19. Please don’t disturb the wild animals!
  20. Please do not feed the fish!